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    Stay Fresh Luxe

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    RM 488.00

    Pure perfection, Dunlopillo Stay Fresh Luxe Mattress. A new mattress collection for those who value back care. The all new STAY FRESH MATTRESS COLLECTION is the perfect choice for those who prefers comfortable with firmer support mattress.
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    Product Description


    Mattress Spec 100% High Density Synthetic Rubber PU Foam
    Mattress Finishing Premium Knitted Fabric
    Anti-Dust Mite
    Mattress Top Trendy Quilting Style
    Mattress Highlight Zero Spring Design Concept 
    Mattress Highlight Both Side can be utilised 
    Firmness Indicator [ 7 Out of 10 ]
    1 indicate Very Soft, 10 indicate Very Firm
    Firmness indicator is subject to individual preference
    Mattress Thickness 8 inches / 20cm
    Color Option One
    Bedframe A/B/C Frame Solid Wood Frame
    Bedframe A/B Leg Solid Plastic Leg
    Bedframe C Leg Storage Frame
    Bedframe A/B/C Finishing Water Repellent Fabric
    Color Option One
    Value Added Free Gift 2x Orthorest Comfort Touch Pillow


    5 years Pro-Rated Warranty


    Mattress - Single : L-36" D-75" H-8"
    Mattress - Queen : L-60" D-75" H-8"
    Mattress - King : L-72" D-75" H-8"
    Bedframe A - Queen : L-60" D-75" H-8"
    Bedframe A - King : L-72" D-75" H-8"
    Bedframe B - Queen : L-60" D-82" H-42"
    Bedframe B - King : L-72" D-82" H-42"
    Bedframe C - Queen : L-60" D-79" H-45"
    Bedframe C - King : L-72" D-79" H-45"